Friday, June 26, 2009

Today's food consumption:


pb crackers while rushing out the door this morning...120 cals

McD's ice cream while the kids were busy at the library....150 cals

Lunch= (while watching Freaky Friday)

1 cup tuna helper...250 cals

1 bacon sandwich...210 cals

2 puddings...120 cals


pea salad...360 cals


3/4 cup mac and cheese ( no butter ) ... 200 cals

1/2 pc. sirloin steak (and ketchup)...???cals

1 roll...100 cals

2 frozen pudding cups....120 cals

Can of new potatoes with a slice of cheese on top..... ??? cals (I've already thrown away the can and I don't remember)

So I don't have an exact number, but I'd say I did okay foodwise. Definitely better than I was 6 months ago, at which time I would be sitting here eating pancakes with peanut butter and drinking chocolate milk.

As far as exercise, I sure got some this evening! I mowed the front AND back yard (2 lots) and I weedeated (until I broke the weedeater...good thing hubby is a mechanic!). I was out there exercise/working for 1 hour and 44 mins!

I'm off to read all of ya'lls posts. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Big improvement and a smaller you! You're doing fantastic!!

    My best


  2. Sounds like you had a good day. Way to go! I never knew that McD's ice cream was 150 cals. Thanks for the info....