Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unlucky (week) 13 is over!

I don't believe in "luck" but I do believe that week 13 (which ends tonight) was one of the hardest I've had, diet wise, and I am glad to see it come to a end. I hated those 4 days of whatever-that-was but I did make a breakthrough and all is well that ends well.

TOPS weigh in put me at 306.5, which is a .25 pound gain. I was really expecting a bigger gain.

Today was yet another busy day. (it didn't help that I slept the first half of it away). Tomorrow is payday and I had "planned" on taking the kids to Taco Mayo and then going grocery shopping and to the library BUT considering the fact that tomorrow is church AND I don't have my meal plans ready or a shopping list AND I am tired, I am thinking of postponing it til Thursday.
Ok....on to food:
Breakfast was 2 corn dogs (my brand is only 180 cals each if you cook them in the oven)
Lunch was a package of candied peanuts and pb crackers. (not really my first choice, but I was at the gas station and didn't have time to go anywhere else to get anything....I really didn't have my day very well organized)
Supper was spaghetti, a roll and corn.
Snacks were a fiber one bar, some leftover spaghetti and 2 ice cream cones.
That sounds like a bunch of junk food, but somehow I did okay calorie wise.
Thank you for reading!


  1. I had a crazy week too. I was on the "I am broke I have to eat whatever is in the house" diet. It is a very strict diet. very, very limited in what I could eat.....lol.

    You're still eating crazy stuff for breakfst...I love it!

  2. You survived with minimal damage! Way to go! You made it through a week that would normally mean the end of your journey, but you fought hard and refused to let go of your hopes and dreams. Doesn't that feel amazing?? You hung in there, you thought about it, you decided that you were not giving up...and through it all a .25 lb gain...SWEET!

    When I'm running late in the mornings I sometimes grab some crazy things, just anything for breakfast. I refuse to miss breakfast even if it means eating a Chicken Pasta Marinara TV dinner at work...Hey, it's calories!

    My best always and God Bless,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser