Friday, June 26, 2009

"Bargain hunting" and "Recent deaths"

I am throwing 3 completely unrelated posts into one for convience sake. Sorry for the weirdness of it.

First of all, how much do you think I paid for the items in the above picture? Fifteen CENTS! whoo hoo!
Charmin shelf price was $2.15. I had a $1.00 charmin coupon, and homeland doubles coupons, making it $.15.
I also had a 50 cent mustard coupon and it doubled to a dollar, which is how much the mustard is on sale for, making it free!
On to walmart where I found these pantiliners for $1.00 per package and I had three $1.00 coupons for them, so they were free too!
I love this kind of shopping!
****(on to post #2 now)****
I have heard more than one person say "It's too bad that Michael Jackson died on the same day as Farrah Fawcett (sorry, probably spelled it wrong) because now she won't get the attention she deserves".
Hello?! DESERVES? Why does anyone think that one of them DESERVES any more attention than the other? Michael *may have been* a child molester (who knows) and maybe he wasn't. Farrah WAS a playboy pinup and I don't see that as a profession that deserves respect. So, I am not getting this theory that she "deserves" more respect than Michael Jackson did. Am I missing something? Maybe there's more to the story than I'm getting because right now I'm just not getting it. I think a soul is a soul and whether the its the president or a bum, they all have the same worth as a soul.
*****(on to post #3 now)*****
I woke up feeling sick. I already had my weekend planned in my mind (stinking thinking) "I am going to spend the weekend sleeping in bed, someone else will have to teach my sunday school class, I am sick and I choose to sleep through it."
However, it was movie morning at the library and we couldn't miss that! It is so great! You drop your kids off at the library and the children's library shows a rated G movie on a big screen and serves popcorn and drinks and she watches your kids and the moms can go run errands or whatever and come back 2 hours later! yay! free babysitter! alone time! and my kids like it. Too bad movie morning only comes around a couple of times each summer :(
I used the free time to go coupon shopping (and I drove through McD's for a cone...shhhh...don't tell the kids *wink, wink*)
We are all home now and between having the free time and getting a good deal, I am feeling better. I think my "sickness" was just a combo of "tired because I don't sleep well" and "burnt out on teaching sunday school and trying to find a way for a break".
Have a great afternoon!


  1. I grabbed a cone yesterday! They made it small too...I really didn't want to count it as 150, but I did anyway. Little bitty. But I don't want to complain, because then I look like the fat guy who's upset about the size of his ice cream. Just give me my 150 calories worth!!

    Anyway. Blessings to you


  2. I would kill for a cone. Need to get to McDs today.

    BTW--not to sound as if I am defending my post (cough...cough...clearing throat), but my point about FF and MJ dying on the same day is here is this poor woman who has finally lost her battle with cancer and now because the child molestor MJ (should I say alleged child molestor--nah) died the same day, her death will go unnoticed. It's sad, because if he hadn't dropped dead too--the news might have been about prevention of anal and colon cancers. Anyway, just my two cents worth.

    Wish I could save money on shopping! They don't really do coupons in NZ, just in store specials. Sad. I miss Wal-Mart.

  3. Michael Jackson was a brilliant pop musician. He deserves to be remembered for that.

    However, the thought did cross my mind that Farrah Fawcett's death will be unfortunately overshadowed by Jackson's. Yes, she did pose for a poster that millions of teenage boys had tacked to their bedroom walls. But after "Charlie's Angels", she worked hard at her chosen craft of acting and did some very worthwhile and memorable work. Many serious critics feel that she was brilliant in "The Burning Bed". So yes, it is sad that her passing was not recognized to the extent that Jackson's was.

    As you note, though. In the final analysis, every soul is precious.

  4. Oh Tops Lady--you did not hurt my feelings. I was actually embarrassed for falling into the trap of posting about something that everyone else is talking about. I hate it when I do that. I was justifying my post, I reckon. Bravo to you for saying what you are thinking and feeling! It's like the NewMe said--all soul's are precious and it is sad that every person's passing isn't remembered by the world. I also think it is amazing that no one was so concerned about MJ to truly help him while he was alive. All of these celebrities who loved him so much--couldn't any of them have done something to help him have a decent life? That is what is sad to me.

  5. Yipee! on the couponing! Makes you feel like you beat the system doesnt it! I guess it is no suprise that our world is esteeming a child molester so highly...the library thing sounds like a sweet break for you and the kiddos!......there how was that for a 3 part comment?