Friday, June 12, 2009

Fasting, fighting and the funk

Ya know, I am kind of stressed out about this "funk" I am in (coming out of). This is the first funk I've been in in the past THIRTEEN weeks. This kind of funk is also what KILLED every diet I've ever been on in my life. I can NOT let this funk kill it this time. I have come too far. This time has to be different. I have to overcome it this time.

So...(dare I say it?)....what do you do when you are in this spot? In the past I would have said "well, I tried" and then binge. But NO. I'm just putting my foot down- NO! no no NO no No nO. no.

Maybe.............just maybe.................... well, what do YOU think it is? Why now? After 13 weeks? Why is this such a battle now when a week ago it was so easy? I think I know and you are going to say Oooooooookayyyyyy with a weird look on your face but I think I know what it is.

I think it is spiritual warfare.

I said it.

Quit rolling your eyes. I'm serious.

What about people who are addicted to drugs? When they surrender to Jesus and are trying to get clean, do you think the devil wants to let them go? No. He fights. Same thing goes with any other addiction that is bad for us. So, why not gluttony? I believe this obesity thing is just as bad and as wrong as cigarettes or (some) drugs or alcoholism. So, why isn't it labeled as sin like the other things are? Maybe, in God's eyes, it is.

I believe there are spiritual wars that go on that affect our lives and that we can feel oppression from those wars. God, Satan and myself ALL know that I was overcoming some lifelong addictions and that I was on my way to being freed from some chains that hinder me from becoming what I am meant to be. So, I think the devil is fighting. And the only way I know of to fight back is to fast and pray. So, I won't be having anything except water until I wake on Saturday morning. I'm not fasting to save calories. I'm fasting to overcome. I will.

I will. I will. I will. I will.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

I'd appreciate your prayers.

~that TOPS lady


  1. Put on your girlfriend....this is a battle!

  2. You've come too far to throw it all away now. This is it! This will be the time you really did it!!!!
    Hold up your shield and defend your journey at all cost. It's too important. You've learned too much to turn back now. This time isn't like any other time you've ever attempted. This time is different, you've made it that way. Decide right now that you will not let any emotion, circumstance, person, place, or thing, any emotion, any food, or the devil himself steal this away from you. This transformation is yours now. This is your time to rise above and claim the life and health you know God would want for you! Claim it, defend it, don't let anything break you down. Be strong, take a walk, reflect on how far you've come, why are you doing this in the first place...ah yes, your motivating thoughts...Pull them out and pray over them!

    Don't you give up girl, believe in yourself, I certainly do and I've never even met you.

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  3. Right on girlfriend! I believe it is a spiritual battle we are fighting as much as it is anything else. You are doing great today--read that post first--and from one of your little cyber thingies who sends encouragement--I am praying for you!! Blessings, Bonnie

  4. I really like your blog; people are rarely as honest as you are, and I like that you post pictures of what you eat. I can't wait to see the end results of your journey!
    Also, I really love how determined you are, and that you have found a source of strength (in your case, Christ) and inspiration. Whatever that source of strength might be, it is the key to reaching all of your goals. Keep up the good work!