Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week 14 weigh in and A Day at the Beach

I had a 2.5 pound loss this week! That was suprising! But I'll take it! Yay! I am 23.25 pounds lighter than I was 14 weeks ago. I'm looking forward to week 15. This is good. :)

After TOPS, we went to the lake. We had fun. I had dad watch the kids for a short while and I swam like crazy, which I am counting as my exercise, because it sure wore me out.

Here's the thing about Oklahoma....at least my rural part of Oklahoma (please, Oklahomans, take no offense)...you can be you and still fit in.

I swim in my clothes. And I never wear pants or shorts. So, I was the tall, heavy lady who was swimming in a long skirt and t-shirt. My kids swim in their clothes too. (hubby doesn't swim, or even go to the lake..he hates it...never went as a kid...yada yada....but we were raised at the lake, so it's in my blood..........anyway......)

Our local "beach" aka less mossy part of the lake with a little sand, is very ...um.....well, I can't find the word.. Let me explain it like this: There were 3 skinny girls in bikinis who knew they looked good but other than them, I fit in perfectly! Skirt swimming and all! I'd say 80% of the women there had worse figures than I do and many of them were in bathing suits which left not much to the imagination. One very hefty lady with VERY large and VERY white legs was at a table near us. She was in her black one piece swimming suit. I quietly told my mom and dad "that is what I look like under these clothes" and they burst out laughing. Anyway....the lady didn't know we were laughing at her....and really, I wasn't making fun of her, because she basically has the same body that I do.

The past two paragraphs were the long version of me trying to say "There were a bunch of nice, fat people at the lake and I didn't feel intimidated." LOL but true!

The kids fell fast asleep after we got home (thank goodness!) and I am headed that way soon.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! You've got to feel great about that!

    Swimming is a great exercise! I can totally relate about feeling intimidated at the beach. Totally.

    My best always

  2. That is a great loss. I would love to have gone swimming today. Looking forward to summer again!

  3. LOL, it is what I like about where I live to - anything goes - and that is wonderful!

    I do wear my black one-piece - doughy legs or not, though.

    Enjoy those swims, they will do you the power of good!

  4. Swimming in clothes is a requirement in upper level swimming classes because it is difficult to do. They weigh you down more (especially if you're in denim) so it provides you an even better workout! =)

    I wear a skirted suit. Many times I wear a t-shirt over the suit because I burn if I even think of sun, even though I wear 50 sublock.

    I'm usually the fat chick at the beach, but I don't care because I love it. I should come pay you a visit, I'd fit right in!

    From the photo, I can tell my son would have a blast with your kids. He still loves to play in the sand, build stuff, and be a kid.

    A great-big congrats on your great loss this week!