Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 11, Monday, in recap

(the pic shows the TOPS queen before she lost 154 pounds... scroll down to yesterday's posts to see her after pic)

It is midnight now and I am just now eating supper. *whew* Today was just too busy. Sorry I didn't post all of my food pics today, but my meals were under 500 and my snacks under 150. Tonight I am eating 2 manwich sandwiches (lower cal than I thought they would be)...they are sharing a piece of cheese....and a fiber one bar in a different flavor than I usually eat (caramel).

I bought a sweating to the oldies 2 dvd today.....plan to do that tomorrow with the kids...they will like it I think.

I am tired. I wrote hubby a note to not wake me for early prayer because I am just so tired.

Goodnight, dear friends.........get some rest. *yawn* (oh, btw, I spent 2 hours at walmart but I got everything we will need until next payday- 16 days from now.... made lots of good choices in the grocery store)


  1. I miss Wal-Mart. Those before and after shots with of the Queen are incredible. Once again, just proving it can be done. I'm tired too--wish I could go to bed, but we have small group tonight and its only 5:54 pm. Yawn...

  2. Your TOPS state queen is fantastic, and YAY to making wise choices!!

  3. Wonderful before and after of the Queen! Fantastic transformation!

    It's amazing what we can accomplish when we decide we can!

    You're doing absolutely fantastic!
    Give your husband my best,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser