Friday, June 26, 2009

One hour "to do" list challenge

Today's "to-do" list has been untouched. I need to work on it. I like to enjoy my evenings and be done with the list by the time hubby gets home from work. I have an hour. Here's the list. I'm going to start at the top and see how far down the list I can get in an hour. Wanna join me? On your mark, get set, go!

Get dressed to the shoes, including hair/face, brush teeth (I do the flylady thing and she stresses that this is important!
make bed
clean bathrooms (quickie clean)
empty dishwasher (aka the towel my dishes are drying on)
do one load of laundry
check my calendar
wash dishes for 7 mins
balance checkbook
pickup 27 stray things from the living room
figure out dinner (don't have to cook it yet, just make sure we have everything and set it out)
drink water!
spend 2 mins cleaning as if someone is about to come over
switch out the laundry
clean my bedroom for 15 mins
clean kitchen for 7 mins
put laundry away
deal with mail/bills

UPDATE at 5:00 p.m..... I completed everything except:
cleaning my room for 15 mins
putting laundry away

I plan to get those things done before the day is over. It's awesome what you can do in an hour when you put your mind to it. I usually procrastinate and let it take all day!

I think exercise tonight will be mowing the yard. I'm doing good on my cals so far.
Thanks for reading and ttyl!


  1. Very nice. Very proud of you!


  2. Yay!! My kids and I will do this kind of frantically for 15 minutes to see how much house work we can get done. Sometimes we will even work together room to room as to kinda encourage each other. It really works!! We call it a *15 minute blitz*.