Saturday, June 6, 2009

Week 12, Cooking for reunion

If I learned anything from Friday, it is this: "Don't cook foods to give to others that are major calorie killers and that you love".

Today is the first family reunion in about 17 years. Yesterday I started cooking for it. I'm bringing chicken enchiladas (I can make them for around 250 cals each!) and chocolate almond bark with pecans (TONS of calories).

I had no intentions of sampling any of the chocolate, but who was I kidding? That's like asking a recovering alcoholic to be the bartender. Bad decision!

Anyway, I ate some, I wrote it down, I adjusted the rest of my day and I STILL ended up having 43 cals leftover, so I count that as a VICTORY!!!!

Here's my Friday, foodwise:

11:30 a.m....breakfast....2 egg burritos (homemade)..500 cals

2:00 p.m....snack....4 pc chocolate pecan candy and a stick of cheese....233 (too much for a snack)

4:40 p.m....lunch...McD's small hamburger and a vanilla cone....400 cals (I was suprised at how full I got with this...and it was just 400 cals!)

6:45 p.m.....snack....fiber one bar...140 cals
9:30 p.m....supper...salad and a can of potatoes....500 cals
10:00 p.m...snack...1 pc chocolate pecan candy and a 100 cal pack of shortbread cookies....134 cals

Water: 88 oz.

Exercise: 3.1 miles walked! (took 1 hour and 6 minutes)

:) That TOPS lady


  1. Very nice post!

    I love your analogy of the recovering alcoholic tending the bar! I seriously laughed out loud!! With your performance on this day, you proved that what I've been talking about and what I practice to lose weight can actually work, even while enjoying chocolate almond bark with pecans!!! Oh my that sounds so wonderful!!! I'll take a shot!
    Congratulations on your walking. It really is one of the best things you can do. I'm not always perfect on my workout schedule, but I know that even when I really don't want to do it, I'm going to feel much better after I get done.
    In not long you are going to be experiencing wome wonderful reactions from people everyday. You are going to feel great and find yourself much healthier. You'll look amazing too. Everything in your life will be touched in a positive way. I know you know this already, but just wanted to remind you of the rewards that await for your consistently good efforts!

    God Bless and my best always,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  2. GOOD EVENING!!! Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! courtesy returned! I'm assuming you are a fan of TOPS and like being a member but tell me about your experience. I keep forgetting where the closest meeting location is to me; I have to remember to check the website. I haven't decided to join another support group that I have to physically get up and go to just because I want to know I'm going to actually be faithful in my attendance and participation. I see SOME sort of face to face support group in my future though. For now, this blogging kicks butt...just like we all are in losing this weight! I'm 31 also and that's just too young to think that it's too late to try and lose because life is over and yet old enough to think about all I've missed out on being so obese!

    Looking forward to following! And you've got pictures too!!!

  3. Fantastic! How wonderful that you didn't just go nuts and eat and eat. I would have a difficult time with that, I fear.

    Hope you enjoy the family reunion!