Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week 11, Tuesday, first half of the day

Breakfast= 2 manwich sandwiches (yum!) and a sugar free pudding= 500 cals...11 a.m.

Snack= fiber one bar= 140 cals

Lunch= 3 mini pigs in a blanket, 100 cal pack of shortbread cookies

busy busy busy...running out the door (with wet hair! no time to dry it!) to go to my TOPS meeting.....it's kind of iffy this week....didn't exercise much due to back and had at least one day that I went over cals....wish me luck!


  1. Your food always looks so yummy! I'm jealous.

    To answer your question...I was raised in the United Methodist Church. My mother is a pastor and has been the conference evangelist the last few years. I was a pastor doing family ministry and pastoral care, but I gave up my credentials a few years ago when it became clear my husband was going to pursue ordained ministry. I wanted to be free to support him fully and to move wherever he was called. Also--wanted to be a SAHM and to homeschool (when the time comes). He was raised in the Baptist Church of New Zealand (like the North American Baptist Church). He served with me in the UMC and worked in an Anglican church before he moved to America. Now we are back in the Baptist Church of New Zealand where he does young adult/family ministry. We love it! My Mom says we are MethoBaptiCostals--because we are little more Spirit filled than the average Methodist/Baptists. She's funny.

  2. I love Manwiches! Very tasty! And not too bad calorie wise. Worth it---good calorie value.
    I hope you have a wonderful TOPS meeting, I bet you do!

    Take care
    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser