Saturday, June 20, 2009

So glad you could join me for supper. ;)

It is 11:18 p.m. and I am eating supper at the moment-- glad you could join me! Buying groceries took a LOT longer than I had expected. We got home after 9 p.m... I made sure son got his hair washed, fed the rest of the family some Tony's pizza (hubby wanted to save the crunchy tacos for tomorrow), and I put the kids to bed.

Breakfast...tuna and stuff (I told about it in previous post)

Snack...yikes...I don't even remember what it was now,...but it was 150 cals or less, I know.

Lunch...turkey sandwich, root beer, green apple
Snack I ate at town...1.5 cups of multigrain cheerios in a baggie

Snack.....1 pc ham, 1 sugar free pudding, 1 fudgesickle
Supper....2 manwiches
I didn't go over my cals. I had about 50 oz of water today.

Hubby is watching Lonesome Dove. I told him I would be in there in about 2 hours ....because I was going to eat some manwich (which I LOVE, love, LOVE), catch up with blogs, and do at least 40 mins of Sweating to the Oldies. I *was* going to walk the track this evening, but it was too dark. So, on to plan B.-- the oldies.

It's ok. I'm gonna do it. It would be easier to say "well, it was a long day and it is late and I am tired and we have church tomorrow, blah blah blah" BUT I am concerned about the fact that I have had a gain the past 2 weeks. It is less than a pound total, but still, the scales need to go DOWN and I know what it takes. It takes Sweating to the oldies at 11:20 p.m. if all else fails.

Ok...I'm going to read and eat....I will update after I exercise.


  1. And you did do it! Congrats!

    Amy, you're getting in a zone, you realize that?

    Proud of you. Your success will make you feel so wonderful! I'm sure it already does!

    My best

  2. I think its okay to work out whenever you can!

    I frequently don't work out until my kids are in bed which is at least 9:00!

    And that's okay! Great job on exercising even though you had a long day!