Friday, June 12, 2009


I have a few minutes here and thought I would update about how my day is going.

Well, I'm hungry.......but I'm doing well and have had nothing but water today. The rest of the family haven't noticed that I'm fasting and I'm not planning to tell them. It may come out at supper time. I think I will cook for them and then say "yall go ahead and eat--I need to jump in the shower" and leave it at that. I know it is silly to announce it to the cyber world and then keep it from your own family, but it is different. Somehow. You all aren't "real" *wink, wink* You all are little motivating cyber thingys that live in my computer. LOL

I have tried to stay BUSY and out of the house today.

I took the kids to eat lunch at the school. Daughter liked it. Son hated it. I was neutral. I thought the food looked good. LOL. They served chili dogs, corn, chips, cookies and milk. Son only drank the milk. Daughter ate her food.
A lady came over and introduced herself to me. She was the assistant principal. She was nice.
I have to tell this story: My son is big. He is 10 and weighs way too much for his age. Part of the problem is his thyroid, which he is on meds for and part of it is genetics and part of it is just eating unhealthy (my fault). Anyway, he is big. As we were leaving, some kids were walking out too and another big boy said "Hey, how much do you weigh? Do you weigh 200 pounds?" We just kept walking and ignored him. I'm pretty sure that he was talking to my son, but I convinced my son that the questions had been aimed at ME, not him. It brought back memories of my school days. My son would have similar problems that I had there. That's sad. We were only there for 20 mins or so and yet in that time I saw how ugly kids can be to each other. On the other hand, my daughter is skinny and pretty and confindent and wouldn't have any trouble in public school.

We went to the library but forgot the library card, so we couldn't check out any books. The library is doing some fun stuff for the summer--- movies and concerts and the like. Son signed up for a boy's book reading club for ages 10-17. He has a 30 chapter book he has to read, a big workbook to complete and THEN he goes sometime next month for the party. They will discuss the book, play games and eat pizza. The book is about a boy who doesn't fit in at school and is called names and how to deal with that kind of stuff. I thought that was so neat since we just dealt with that. I kind of know the two men who will be teaching this thing and they will do good.

ok....the plan is...........clean the house for 45 mins, mow the front yard (I mow the front, hubby mows the back), cook supper, take my shower, check messages again...and then go to bed.

Thank you for being here. :)


  1. I thought I left a comment here yesterday, but maybe I am dreaming...hmmm. Anyway--I wanted to say thank you for your comment. You and Mrs C are right I'm certainly not the only one who ever wished their family was closer. We lived in Alabama for three years and loved it. We were in North Alabama about 15 miles from the TN border. We have always lived far away, except for the last year which we purposely lived closer to my family. I guess it didn't take long to forget what it was like to be far away.

  2. We lived in Athens and absolutely loved it. We have been to Tuscumbia. Is your husband from there? We moved there to serve a big church as youth and family pastors. We also did contemporary worship. That is the one place we would have liked to have stayed, maybe forever, but God had other plans for us. We still have many good friends there and went back to visit before our big move.

    RE--two pastor thing--our church has about 600 members and the church has always had an Associate. They used to focus on senior adult ministry, but the church made a conscious decision to shift that focus to young adults and families. Our process took about a year and the church waited on us to move another 8 mos after we accepted the call (waiting on Bubba's adoption and paperwork). We love it. We have never felt so certain that God called us here. But I have to admit that with two babies my times is tied up more at home than I would like--so I am learning what ministry I can do and the church is very gracious to give me that time. Of course there is still nothing like living in a fish bowl! Thank you for your sweet comments.

    I must tell you that your post about modesty a few weeks back really struck me. I think the Holy Spirit has been working on me over being more modest. I am actually very modest, but sometimes do wear something that might not exhibit that. As the mother of a daughter now I am even more aware of it. Anyway--I appreciate you and your life. You have been a great example to me.

  3. Good job, mom, diverting that comment from your son. I get so angry when I remember some of the things the kids did to my son his last year in PS. He was only in 2nd grade. grrr

    Does your son go on your walks with you? We find PE the hardest to do, so my hubby makes my son go with him while walking the dogs. DS is pretty fit and still plays and rides his bike, but we try to keep him active.