Thursday, July 30, 2009

What happened to me?

Today was productive as far as getting a lot accomplished around the house. It was not really productive as far as health goals. I did make an effort SOME.... such as exercising 15 minutes (better than the zero minutes I had been doing)....and following my eating plan for the first 2/3 of the day.


What happened to me? I was so "on top of it" for the first couple of months of this journey. I walked laps even when it was very inconvienient and it was such a priority. I lost 24 pounds! Why have I struggled for the past month or two? What happened to me? How can I get it back? hum..........

I need a willpower booster shot!

Maybe posting everyday will help. I need to post....even when I don't have anything to say that I would be proud of.

Maybe when school starts and everything is in a routine...maybe then I will have my groove back. I need my groove back.

It's just not as much fun posting when you are down and out.

that "ho-hum" TOPS lady


  1. Hope you find your mojo (did you look under the sofa?)

  2. I typed a big response to this last night and I think I deleted it by mistake.

    Ups and downs. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not. Blog every day, no matter what. Doesn't always have to be a proud moment, when you share your struggles, people learn and get helped and don't feel so alone.

    You'll get it back.

    I know you and I share similar lives in that we homeschool. I'm personally dreading this last month because it's going to go fast, and then we'll be busy with work. I think I need a few more months off! lol Yes, the routine will help.

    Sometimes things are just overwhelming.

    Just remember that you are so worth this. Your health is so important. One bite at a time. You can do it. Fake it until you make it.