Wednesday, July 22, 2009

water is on

It is 3:49 p.m. and our water is back on, so we can shower for church at home instead of grandmas.

I have enjoyed my "do what you want" day. I organized my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. I did ZERO housework! (except I did make the bed....without thinking LOL) I sat in my chair and read a book. I looked through my coupons. :)

The kids are painting on posterboard (that I got at walgreens for 9 cents this week!).

After I finish reading blogs, I am going to do 5 minute cycles of dishes/laundry/ironing and start the baths and everyone getting ready for church routine. ahhhhhh.........its been great!

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments!


  1. Your kids are darling! Who do you think they look like more? I think your son looks just like you! Blessings--Bonnie

  2. Hey, I consider reorganizing cupboards and cabines housework! lol I need to start watching Walgreen's sales ads, great deal on the poster board!

    I'm glad your water is back on.

    I love those colorful fingers! )

  3. Kids look like they had fun. Glad you had a good day.