Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the lady who is always tired.

Well, the apple didn't get eaten. So I guess I wasted that 50 cents or whatever. oh well.

I had 2 tacos with not nearly as much cheese on them as I could have eaten. I also had a sugar free pudding, a hot cocoa and a fiber one bar.

I went over by approx 200 cals. However, its better than I have done the past week or two.

I. am. tired.

I usually don't try to claim things because I believe in the theory of "you have what you THINK you have" .............but....................... this tiredness is just beyond normal so I am going to go ahead and claim it. I'm pretty sure I have sleep apnea.

I am just totally exhausted. And I didn't even do anything strenuous today.

I could just sleep and sleep and sleep.

I am about to go to bed. I am going to set my alarm to wake me up in 10 hours. TEN hours is a lot, I know........but I am so tired. I've got to get some rest.

That's one thing I am looking forward to with this weight loss-----seeing the apnea improve.



  1. Have you been tested? My old doctor wanted me to go in an get tested. He lectured me that everyone says they won't sleep in front of people, but they do. Me? My anxiety would let me drift, but I'd be too tense. So I just hope it all goes away as I lose weight. I'm not sure I have it, but I am tired a lot. Hubby says my snoring is greatly improved.

    Be careful, though. It's serious business.

  2. Sleep well. You know--you might still be sickly. Hope you feel better tomorrow! Blessings--Bonnie