Monday, July 20, 2009

It's all your fault.

Well, today was rather busy and frustration kept knocking on my door....and it is still knocking! I think EVERYONE in my home is PMSing today...including the males and the 7 year old! LOL Everyone has a mouth on them today and is blaming each other for things that aren't their fault. eerrr. We also had a flat, went to get it fixed, paid $15 and it was flat within hours. We took it back and they weren't even apologetic. Maybe they were PMSing too. *rolls eyes*

In the chaos, I didn't keep up with my calories. Well, I kind of did mentally...I was aware of what I was eating....and I was cautious. I only ate half of my plate at supper (yay me!) and then went for a 15 minute walk.

Maybe I can make that my goal for this week. Maybe I will put "trying to be perfect in all areas of my life" on hold and just try to exercise for 15 minutes per day. I found that the desire to overeat is less when I exercise.

So, all in all, it was a pretty good day. Even if everyone was ragging.



  1. When it comes to exercise, you know that anything is better than nothing!
    Great attitude.

    I hope the attitudes around you improve!


  2. You know that trying to be perfect is a bad thing, right? (I'm a perfectionist wannabe, too.) Remember that the Amish women who make perfect quilts always put in a mistake stitch in their quilt because only God is perfect.

    There must be PMS in the water where you live. There are days like that. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    Hope that tire is completely fixed!

    BTW, you paid me the nicest compliment that I've had in a long time. I tend to struggle making friends in my town because I feel like I can't be my real self--and even though you've seen my naughty self, it warmed my heart that you left that comment about living near. Thank you for that. And I feel the same. =)

  3. Maybe today was just a weird day? I had one of those weird days too! My house is messy even though I was cleaning today, my a/c is broken in our van, we have major drought, and to top it off, a detective called today wanting to know about a bruise found on my son's arm while at school 6 months ago! He talked to both of us for an hour. Even look at my webpage before closing the case. One dumb bruise that Chaz got while playing swords with his brothers. Sigh. After everything was said and done, he called us after view my blog and told us we have a beautiful family. It was a strange day.

  4. I find that too--DH and I were just talking about it--that we eat less when we exercise. Isn't that weird? I don't know how you can live with cookies in the house. I couldn't stop with just a few. UGH! As for PMS--we all get it from time to time. Count your blessings, I know that you do! Name them one by one. Hoping tomorrow is better. Blessings--Bonnie

  5. Exercise makes everything better. Well, that's what I tell myself anyways :)
    I love the idea of making a minimum agreement with yourself. 15 minutes is totally managable!