Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We have no water! whoo hoo!

Well, apparently the city is working on the water lines because we have no water. That means I have a good excuse to not do dishes or laundry! whoo hoo! I am ignoring my "to-do" list today and just doing what I WANT to do....such as organizing my kitchen cabinets. I haven't even brushed my hair. oh well. I don't care. Today is "do what you want to do day". LOL

I will have to wake to reality around 3 p.m. and iron our church clothes and if the water is still off we will go to grandma's to shower.


  1. LOL, a day off normal routine is always good, never mind the reason. Hope you get water soon!

  2. "do what you want day" sounds like a terrific day to me *smile*. Hope you enjoy it.

  3. You deserve a little "do what you want day.' It never hurts once in a while to relax!

    You're doing fantastic---I hope you understand what wonderful changes you've shown during your journey so far. You've really made amazing breakthroughs. You know that's right. And you should be proud!

    My best

  4. I love do what you want days!!! Glad you can have one today. It's 3 pm there now--I wonder if the water is back on. Hope you had a great day! Blessings--Bonnie