Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm flllyyyyiiinnngggg! :)

I will probably NOT be able to post tonight (trying to turn the computer off at 10....I'm not usually successful, but I am trying) so I am posting about my day now, at 1 p.m.

In an hour, I need to drop the kids off at my grandma's house. I have to go to the clinic for a blood pressure pill refill. I do not have insurance. I go to the free clinic that is sponsored by a church. The good thing is, the doctor visit and the meds are FREE. The not so good thing is that a line forms early in the day and you have to be there super early or you won't be seen. It takes hours. Seriously. Sometimes 6 hours or so.

Now, to explain "flying". It has 2 meanings in this post:
1. Flying=getting things done so quickly that your feet barely have time to touch the floor..zzoom zoom
2. Flying= A word that means "finally loving yourself" and it also involves getting the house cleaned up, your "to-do" list done, doing your best and not worrying about the rest.

So far today, I have:

dressed and done my hair

cleaned the bathroom

washed and dried a load of laundry

prepared breakfast (it was easy), lunch (cooked hamburgers for the kids to take to grandma's- she will be babysitting at 2), and supper (hubby will pick the kids up from grandmas after he gets off of work and I have supper cooked and on warm in the crock pot)

put away the dry dishes

picked up 27 stray things from the living room

checked email and blogs

washed dishes for 16 minutes (what? you don't time yourself when you wash dishes? *big smile*)

prayed and read a chapter

went to the grocery store

balanced the checkbook

checked and sorted the mail

And now I have a little less than an hour til time to go. Here's what I hope to accomplish in that hour:

check to see if dd has clean underclothes. She is still in pjs. I'm thinking I need to wash some out and throw them in the dryer for her. That girl changes underclothes OFTEN and it is hard to keep them washed.

cook rolls

brush/braid dd's hair (not a fun chore. she is so tenderheaded)

tell the kids to get dressed

throw some towels in the washer

7 minutes general "clean up" of the house

vaccuum? mop? (I kind of doubt I will have time to do that before 2, but it is on my list nevertheless)

well.........its not getting done by me sitting I guess I'll take off!


  1. Reading your list of things I'm kind of glad I'm at work lol. Hope you get everything done, you seem like a doer *smile*.

  2. You *are* flying. Good job!

    I have a no shoes allowed policy in my house, therefore I simply cannot follow the flylady. lol Seriously, I always do my own thing. I do 9's with picking up, start by saing I'll do 9 and then keep going until everything is tidy.

    It's funny about your 10:00 time. This week I've tried to shut it down at 9. I accomplished that ONE time. lol We should both keep trying!

  3. You are flying! I need to fly today too, but am feeling sickly. voice. Hope you don't have to wait in line too long! Blessings--Bonnie