Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week 16, wednesday *I'm pooped*

What an exhausting day! I won't bore you with the details but I obviously lacked wisdom and time management skills today and it left me sooooooooooo pooped. Nevertheless, here's what I ate today:

2 pkgs pb crackers

3 fiber one bars

2 manwich sandwiches

8 oz. apple juice

12 oz gatorade

1/4 of a cookie (free sample in grocery store)

5 (five?!yikes) pieces of pizza hut mia cheese pizza


Exercise was running myself ragged with more to do today than could humanly be accomplished, lung exercises were yelling at my kids because we were all being grouches today (not something I am proud of), and yoga was the 5 minutes that I crashed right in the middle of the living room floor between the grocery store time and church time because I had just about reached my limit.

I have wisdom. For some stupid reason, I ignored it today. But I learned a lesson and I highly doubt that I will have a repeat day like today for a long time.

Right now (11:49 p.m.) I am making hubby's lunch and washing his clothes to pack for him.( NO! we aren't seperating, silly!) He is going to the Dallas area for a long past due visit with his dad.

Thanks for reading! Here's a video I think you'll love. If you are wore out, you HAVE to watch it!


  1. Everyone has those days from time to time. I hope you don't have another one for quite a while! BTW--I love the before pictures. I need to take some too, but I am afraid too.

  2. I hope today goes much better for you!