Friday, July 31, 2009

"Stay at HOME" mom

You know, I don't work outside the home. But my life has been ever so busy lately. I feel like I am never home. Much less at home with time to do things that I like to do such as sew or scrapbook.....cook.

Looking ahead, I don't think I have a day that I can actually stay at home until next Thursday! eerrrr

Anyway................... "don't let tomorrow keep you from enjoying today".

I'm thankful for RIGHT NOW. I enjoy sitting at the computer, visiting with my cyber friends and reading stuff that interests me. I am enjoying some "me" time, which is much needed.

I also need sleep. TOmorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.....hopefully I will be in bed better tomorrow.

But right now, it is time for 30 minutes of hot cocoa and "me" time.

We went to Oklahoma City today for dd's eye exam. She has (had) a lazy eye since birth. For quite a while, we had appointments every 3 months........ 2 hour drive........not fun. She has improved over the years. Today I was told that they are going to weaken her Rx again (yay!) because her eyesight has improved so much! She doens't have to go back for A YEAR! There is no need for patching or dialation drops because her lazy eye is pretty much gone. Oh, and she is no longer a candidate for the surgery that they previously wanted her to have but I said "no" to. So, that was a great visit.

ok..........going to find my big, comfy (and ugly) gown, microwave some hot cocoa and be totally "selfish" (lol) for the next 30 minutes!

thanks for reading!

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