Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, here's the deal. Saturday at "fun day" we paid $5 for this terrible lunch buffet. I am picky. There were tons of various salads that I don't even know the name of (think green noodle salads and salads consisting of meat, mayo, apples, and grapes). I put ritz crackers, chicken salad and banana nut bread on my plate. I only ate the chicken from the chicken salad...I didn't think I wanted to try the other mystery ingredients.

My TOPS "friends" from my chapter were sitting at the table with me. I made a comment about how I wasn't getting my $5 worth. They said "you don't like honeydew? you don't like strawberries? you don't like pasta salad? ....and on and on"

Then the comment came:


That was very hurtful, but I know they are wrong.

To top it all off, the little bit of food that I did eat made me sick and I was sick for about a day and a half. yuck.

I went to TOPS on Tuesday and had a 2 pound gain--- 309.5---- *sigh*. That was not very good.

So, I have been down in the dumps and having a hard time getting motivated.

Last night I made a meal plan for today:
B: oatmeal, eggs, toast
Sn: McD's ice cream
L: frozen pizza and corn
Sn: 1/2 cup orange sherbet
S: 2 microwaved burritos
Sn:1/2 cup sherbet and 2 pb crackers
total of 1900 cals

Lets hope I stick to it. My stickiness has been lacking lately.

I'm sorry I am behind on reading your blog posts....I will try to catch up soon!


  1. You hang in there. You know where you're headed, and you deserve success. You're going after it, and someday you will be the Queen, if that's what you really want.
    Your success will guarantee it.

    My best always

  2. Remember it is okay to hit the Delete key now and again

  3. Ouch. That's a stinger. Ouch.

    Everyone is different and we all have likes and dislikes. I am learning to like new foods slowly, but that doesn't mean I cannot lose weight because I don't like cruciferous veggies, many of the different fruits, and the like.

    Maybe that was a day/time that was meant for you to reflect on your journey. The gain is small and a drop in the bucket in the scheme of things. Really. You know your heart, you know that you can do this. You are So close to breaking through the 300s--I'm going to be shouting off the rooftops when you get that goal! And you will, soon!!

    Brush it off. People don't think. You know what you are capable of.

    I hereby dub you the Queen of Oklahoma. =)