Friday, July 17, 2009


No....THAT is Pooh. P-O-O-H. I'm not talking about Pooh; I'm talking about Poo. Understand now? ;)

Poo is what I feel like. *yawn* That messed up sleep last night is really messing up my afternoon. I did take a little nap, but POO is still the feeling that is going on. I really do have fierce sleep requirements in order to feel well!

I enjoyed going to the yard sales today. I paid my electric bill. I went to 2 grocery stores and I have all of my shopping done for several, several days. I am all prepared to have a "stay at home and clean and sew and be housewifey" day tomorrow and I am SOOOOOOOO looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A blogger friend who is recovering from surgery mentioned eating mac and cheese, putting on her favorite nightgown and going to bed. You don't know how good that sounds!!!!!! I am tired.

My food intake has been so random today. I was busy and at town but I did not drive through anywhere! yay! But I can't even tell you what I ate because I don't even remember. I grazed most of the day. A bite here, a bite there. A piece of banana nut bread, a sandwich, a granola bar, etc......

Tonight we will drive to Duncan (8 miles) to watch the "4th of July" fireworks that got rained out on Independence day. So, no early bedtime for me tonight. Oh well. It has been a good day anyway.


  1. I hope the fireworks were nice, even if bed was calling your name! Enjoy your housewifey day tomorrow : )

  2. Enjoy the fireworks! I hope you stop feeling like Poo and feeling more like Pooh!



  3. Oh my goodness--my sister lived in Duncan for years. I spent every summer there with her from probably 1983-1988. She was an auditor with the big H. I loved it there!!! Good times. Hope that you get some rest today.