Thursday, July 16, 2009

*singing* On the road again

I have been burning up the roads this week, doing things that the kids wanted to do before the summer ends. Today was the museum. Tomorrow is yardsales. and THEN...I have declared Saturday to be STAY AT HOME day!!!!! My "to-do" list is suffering.

Ok....I don't have pics...(crazy busy day)...but here's what I ate:

Breakfast...ham sandwich and one brownie...470 cals yum

Lunch...sonic chicken strip sandwich..373 cals

Snack....2 pc ham, 1.5 oz cheese, 1 cup cheerios.... 300 cals

Supper (which I am about to eat, while in bed.....ah...... the life) homemade veggie soup, crackers, and banana nut bread (double yum)...670 cals

-------under goal! whoo hoo!

I know I really need to get back into the eating every 2 hour deal. Maybe I can try to work on that next week when I will *hopefully* be at home more.

Thanks for reading!!!!


  1. I've had situations lately where I'm ill prepared for eating even every three hours. I hate to not, but sometimes our schedules try us!
    I love the variety in your foods. A brownie for breakfast---That rocks!!!
    And when you reach your goal and people ask...What did you eat to lose all that weight? You can look them square in the eye and say: Brownies For Breakfast! That would make an interesting book title.

  2. A brownie and banana bread in the same day--that would kill me! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Good for you for staying busy and staying on target! Blessings--Bonnie