Friday, July 24, 2009

....and this is how it went....

Daughter was going to vaccuum but I think I have too much hair clogged on the roller because the belt was making "that smell". We decided we'd rather have dirty floors than a stinky house.

Son mopped with the swiffer sweeper. I was thinking about letting "mopping" be his daily chore for this next school year but after today, maybe not. Mopping requires a tad bit of effort and pressure to do any good and frankly, son had the excitement about mopping that squidward usually has about work.

I dropped the kids off at 2 and went to the clinic.

They had built a new waiting room. You have to wait IN LINE (in order of arrival, in other words) for quite some time before the main waiting area is opened to us. I got there 3 hours before time for the doctor to be there and yet the waiting room was CRAMMED and there were NO chairs and I was squished in a corner with a nice black man and a severely obese woman who wasn't wearing nearly enough clothes.

The woman kept complaining about how sick she was. I was thinking "Lucky me, I get to be squished up next to someone who may be contagious with who knows what". But then........

......................then..............Oh dear, it was bad................then........................she started passing gas!

She was just standing there and we had been having a conversation about her job at McDonalds and about how sick she had been and then she just starts letting her rip!

Really, how do you make conversation with someone like that? What do you say? I said nothing. I pretended I was deaf and didn't hear (or smell) a thing. I worried that the other 50 people in the room would think it was me! (me=the severly obese woman who IS wearing enough clothes! too many clothes, actually, for the hot waiting room)

Anyway, the lady ended up going home before she even got to see the doctor.

***(changing subject)***

I ran out of hairspray. Today my hair looked like it did in 5th grade when I got that bad perm. *sigh* I didn't have my hairspray to tame it! It's my own fault, though. I was waiting for a good sale to come along. Since I've started couponing, I almost refuse to pay full price for things. Instead, I run out of things and go around looking like a goon. LOL (I did break down and buy some later in the day)

Speaking of being cheap>>>>>>I showed up at the clinic at 2 and realized that I was going to be there for HOURS and that I didn't even bring a drink. I don't dare leave, though, else I lose my place in line. So, at 7 p.m. when it was all over, I was SO THIRSTY and hungry.

The only money I have right now is the money for the house payment, so I knew I *had* to be thrifty (as if the sheer thrill of saving money wasn't enough motivation). I went to walgreens because I had a $5 walgreens register reward which spends like cash there. I looked at the soda. $1.79 for a 20 ounce! and I was so thirsty I could down 3 of them. BUT THEN....I saw that the 2 liters were on sale for 99 cents! (nevermind the fact that they were hot and I had no cup with me to pour into). Yep. I did. I got a 2 liter and drank straight from the bottle in the parking lot (after looking around to see if I was being watched) and I also drank again at a red light (I was SO thirsty!).

So..........if you saw a large lady in a mini van today....and she had frizzy wild hair and she was drinking from a 2 liter.....then you probably saw me! Wave next time! ;)


  1. You are so funny! Love it! Glad you got your meds. You have the patience of a saint! My MIL passes gas like that. It is incredible. Her's doesn't usually smell, but it is noisy. Sometimes it is so hard to keep from laughing. I just go in the other room and laugh on the inside. Thanks for making me giggle this evening. Blessings--Bonnie

  2. You cracked me up with this post. Sounds like you "made the best of it" with a day like that.

  3. You make me laugh out loud sometimes! Great story! Then she bolted---what? I guess her mission was to just spread her gas around and get out of there.

    I've done that before---the 2 liter thing---yep...and I too looked around to see if anyone was watching. We're all different---and the same---all at the same time.


  4. You are so funny! Ha ha.

    I can't believe that lady was passing gas like that! How gross! I can't even pass gas in front of my husband. I've been married 10 years and I'd be mortified if he ever heard me. He is the same way. I just can't imagine someone doing that in public and not caring. :P

  5. You had to have been so thirsty to buy that warm soda. LOL!