Friday, July 17, 2009

thinking about this....its simple, really

I looked back on my blog to see what I was eating when I was losing so good. Guess what? It was the same stuff I still have. Spaghetti. Pudding. PB crackers. Hamburgers. etc. dampered weight loss is not because of what I've been eating differently, it is because I am eating way too much and not exercising. Wow, that was simple, wasn't it. It's the truth. ouch.

I realized that I weigh now what I weighed 7 weeks ago. SEVEN WEEKS of just la-de-dah not really trying!

***shaking self****** GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You still have a 18.75 pound weight loss to hold on to. Don't throw it away!!!! You silly thing! JUMP START yourself NOW. WALK! GET BACK WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. I will. right NOW.

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  1. You can re-gain control and turn up the losing machine. You know what to do. Get really strict on the calorie budget and get those workouts in! You will be amazed at the difference if you keep a strict and consistent effort.
    Don't be down...You're truly on the way---You can do this my friend, you know you can,