Thursday, July 16, 2009

awake at midnight

Well. I turned the computer off at 10. I went to bed. However, it started storming and daughter is scared. So, I'm here for 30 mins MAX while the storm passes. Then its back to bed for me. Even if I have to sleep with daughter. I don't care WHERE I sleep, just that I DO sleep!

Sean-- thanks for the comment you left about the brownies for breakfast *big smile*

Bonnie- It is not wise for me to have brownies and banana nut bread both in the house!!! I made it work okay today, but I don't need to let it tempt me! I sent the last of the brownies in hubby's lunch and tomorrow the rest of the banana nut bread will go into the freezer. :-D

Goodnight ya'll ;)

P.S. to Bonnie-- does anyone there say Ya'll?

1 comment:

  1. Yes--DH and I do! We say ya'll all the time. There just isn't a better word in the English language. He really picked it up in Alabama. It's very funny when he says it. Hope you get some sleep!