Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We got in from church and it was after 10 (computer pull the plug time) before I got unbusied enough to think about posting. So, here's yesterday's numbers:

Breakfast. 9:50 a.m...... 2 corn dogs, mustard, and one leftover small enchilada....570 cals

Lunch...12:20 p.m... mcd's burger and ice cream... 400 cals (somehow this pic didn't get added, sorry!)

Before church....4:30 p.m.....leftover hamburger patty, 2 pc toast and jelly...490 cals

After church...... small nachos and 2 brownies........720 cals

I went over by 200 and something cals... I should have done without the hamburger patty before church. The brownies were worth the cals!
(p.s. Bonnie--- thanks for missing me!)

1 comment:

  1. Wow! You did a good job keeping track!

    On my new PDA, it has a diet watcher on it where I can keep track of my daily calories wherever I am. I'm not worried about it till after I have the baby but that will be very convienent. I like to watch my cals also.