Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Week 17, Wednesday, 6 p.m. update

Lunch (pictured) was a pc of Tony's pizza (pizza was cut into 8 pcs to make them smaller), corn and salad. I've been snacking on mini pb crackers (10 cals each) and a fiber one bar.

I have 580 cals left to spend when we get home from church. I need to include an apple in that number because the apple is going to ruin if I don't eat it and I hate to waste!

ok....we are off to church as soon as hubby finishes getting dressed



  1. I love Tony's pizza!! It is so good, it's the crust I love---crunchy-tasty!!
    Great job on calorie management!!

    My best Amy,


  2. OOOOH, I LOVE me some corn. And salad is good too. If I love salad and corn so much, why do I weigh over 300 lbs? I can't quite figure that out.