Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bedtime update and "The Perfect Day"

I didn't end up doing what I posted that I would do. Instead of an apple for a bedtime snack, I had cinnamon toast, pizza and ate off of my kid's plate. I went off of the deep end. AND I will probably have some chocolate milk before I go to sleep. *sigh*

I have looked back over my blog for the past week and it has been terrible. Somedays I plan for good things and then I fail, but many times I don't even set a goal to reach for. Lack of planning is not good for me. I am a "list" type of person. I make a "to-do" list almost every day. I have found that when I already have my meals and snacks planned and written down, I can check them off and am more likely to stick with it. So, I am making a "perfect day" plan for tomorrow and I will aim to accomplish it:

Friday's plan:

9 a.m.- instant oatmeal, 8 oz apple juice, 1 oz cheese= 390 cals

11 a.m.- an apple= 75 cals

1 p.m.- sonic junior chicken strip sandwich, 2 puddings= 493 cals

3 p.m. - 100 cal pack of pb crackers

5 p.m.- can of tuna, miracle whip, boiled egg, 1 plain toast, 1 toast with jelly= 405 cals

(after we eat, have dad watch the kids while I take an one hour walk. Then, after I pick them up, take them to the park)

7 p.m.- 1 cup dry cheerios=110 cals

9 p.m.- apple= 75 cals

total cals= 1,648 (which is really good for me, because I was losing pretty good when I was *faithful* with 1,950)

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.............and...........I think I WON'T have that chocolate milk tonight after all.


  1. I am always a list person unless I'm very overwhelmed, and then I just open my eyes and go. I have spiral notebooks (several!) that my hubby makes fun of because I'm always making lists. I think it helps me a lot. (And you got the impression that I'm not a list maker from that post the day I was anxiety-ridden and overwhelmed. lol)

    I don't plan breakfast or lunch because I usually eat the same thing every day. Dinner and snacks are what I have to plan. With snacks, I just plan points and have a few low-point snacks on hand. Sometimes I want an apple, sometimes not.

    Would you be surprised to know that I have a glass of chocolate milk every night before I go to bed? I've done that for years and years. I use Nestle's no sugar added powder and weigh the 5 grams into 1 cup of milk. lol I'm so stuck in this habit that I will buy Instant Breakfast in the bottle (expensive!) if I'm going out of town because I just can't sleep unless I have some sort of chocolate milk. That is the first thing I plan when I'm making my lists, my 3 points of chocolate milk!

    I hope your day tomorrow goes well.

  2. Oh Amy! Don't do it!!

    You already know what to do. Thursday night is over.

    Good choices equal good results...bad choices equal...

    I understand and can fully relate with what you did. I use to do that too and then sit and wonder why. The wonderful thing about this is, you're being honest enough to recognize the bad and plan for the good.

    I want to follow your success all the way to goal, and you know you can do it!

    My best