Thursday, April 8, 2010

In reference to the calorie comments.

Let's "Keep moving forward" (from "Meet the Robinsons, which, even though it is a kid movie, has a really deep meaning and is one of my favorites! I highly recommend watching it with your weight loss journey in mind!)

I don't think anyone was trying to be ugly with their comments. (one person even said "I'm not being ugly, okay?", they weren't trying to be ugly) I think they were just trying to offer advice.
It *IS* a bit frustrating for me to say "This is how many calories I eat and this is why" and feel *victorious* about the changes you have made, to keep getting "wow, you eat too much" comments.
I am NOT where I need to be yet. But I am way better than I was. And I am still moving forward. I am not ready to move my calories down. But I do appreciate all of the comments. It does me a world of good just to know that people are reading. Please don't stop commenting. I really do appreciate it. And we will all get to our goal...regardless of our long as we are consistent and keep moving forward. yay!

(SkinnyHollie, in reference to your question, my leader said the following: "The Biggest Loser-The Weight-Loss Program to Transform Your Body, Health, and Life page 30 is where the chart figures that I use. But the formula of your weight x12 -500 (or -1,000) comes from my past readings and studies. I have come across it a couple of place but I can't remember where. That is the formula I used the last two years.")


  1. I'm a new reader of your blog, but really connected to today's post. So many people don't realize that undereating can put your body into "starvation mode" - where it slows metabolism, holds onto all the fat it can, or even goes to your muscles for some protein.

    My only "advice" is that some foods can fill you up without having a big caloric impact. I eat TONS of broccoli, for example. My main goal is to choose foods with a Low Glycemic Index. The complex carbs don't wreak havoc on blood sugar, and preventing your blood sugar from dropping too quickly can actually help you avoid hunger. (I won't deliver a lecture on blood sugar :)

    I'll be back to read future posts, keep up the good work.

  2. You lost 7.25 lbs last month so I think you know what you're doing. You lost more than I did. So just keep at it! :)

  3. No ill will intended for sure but I do stand behind my comment. We can all do this our OWN way but... the equation does not change. You need to burn more then you are taking in to lose weight and a lb is 3500 calories.