Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm a Milkshake Drunk,sometimes

I would like to introduce you to my friend from "Escape from Obesity". Her post today really knocked me out of my stupid thinking.

Her post is here:

My response to her post is here:

I read this at exactly the right time. See, we are going on a "date weekend" starting tomorrow and I have the CELEBRATE mentality and my brain keeps telling me to enjoy this time by not counting calories and by driving to sonic to get a big milkshake! BUT..........your post reminded me........of the struggle. I have struggled, struggled, struggled....still struggle with these crazy few pounds that are keeping me above 300. My first goal is to weigh less than 300. The closest I have gotten is 300.75 for ONE day, then I shot back up and fluctuate mostly between 303-310. One year ago I went to SRD for TOPS and I was losing well and I just knew that by this time I would have lost a TON of weight. However, this year's SRD is in EIGHT days and I'll be happy to just be below 300. STRUGGLE! So, what makes me think I can drink milkshakes and blow off counting calories and STILL make that goal? CRAZY and INcorrect thinking. THANK YOU for this post which woke me up from my milkshake dream. I have something to work for. Now I am going to get off my booty and go exercise! You are an inspiration!

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