Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back in the saddle

I have been in the saddle, fell off the saddle while throwing up, back in the saddle, back out of the saddle to clean up other people's vomit and am now BACK in the saddle again, hopefully to stay!

It is sad that the bumps in life can shake our determination to make healthy decisions. Life is ALWAYS going to happen. There has NEVER been an extended time of peace, calm and perfectness. Really....think about it.......has you ever had an extended time of idea weight loss conditions? Life is going to happen!!!! There will ALWAYS be excuses. So, I must get to the point that NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON, I still make wise nutrition and exercise decisions. Must. or fail. Do it or fail, it's that simple, really. *sigh* I gained 1.75 pounds this week. fail.

I try to take it day by day. But even that is too big of a stretch. I guess I need to ask myself every few hours "Am I making healthy decisions or am I failing?" Ok.......I will aim for that today.........asking myself that question every few hours. May even set my timer to remember to "check on myself".

In the spirit of honesty, I will post what I ate yesterday, although it was a fail day:

Tuesday 4/20/10

9 a.m.
maple long john donut
small carton chocolate milk

1 p.m.
3 layer nachos from taco bell
chicken quasidilla
approx 10 skittles

6 p.m.
16 oz milkshake from Braum's

9 p.m.
kiddie size milkshake from Braum's
medium fries
junior burger

3,782 cals (over by 622)

1. exercise= fail
2. no soda= failed but did drastically cut back
3. something good about me= I'm not ashamed to be seen without makeup. When I was 14, I wouldn't even let my own cousin see me without makeup because I was ashamed of how I looked. However, the next year I enrolled in a Christian school that didn't allow makeup and I got used to it and realized that I look just fine. Actually, after a few years of not wearing any makeup, my skin drastically improved.

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  1. Gee, you were sick, maybe not be so hard on yourself, at least on the exercise. I agree in owning our choices, so I applaud your self-honesty with the rest.

    But now you're back in the saddle again! Yippee i oo!