Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nachos and cake? NO.

We went to a birtday party last night. They had nachos and cake. I dropped the kids off and showed up late on purpose thinking they would be finished eating. (well, that wasn't the only reason...I was also running errands but I *was* thinking I would miss the food by showing up late) Not so. An hour and a half into the party and they were finishing the nachos and cutting the cake. Would I like some? My gut said yes but I said no. I just sat there and drank my water. This was quite an accomplishment for me.

Yesterday I did an hour of exercise. Two 20 minute sessions on the wii fit and one 20 minute session on the wii biggest loser. Man, that biggest loser game is HARD. They had me doing jumping jacks, which took a while to recover from! I've got a lot of belly flab that jerks around when I jump! Go away flab, go away.

What I ate yesterday:
9:15 a.m......370 cals
3/4 c. bran flakes
1/4 c. granola
1 cup 1% milk
half a banana

11:20 a.m.....190 cals
mini fiber one bar
stick cheese

12:45 p.m......486 cals
6" subway sandwich (turkey and cheese)
nature valley granola bar

2:30 p.m...330 cals
1 can sliced new potatoes
1 slice american cheese
8 ounce orange juice

3:00 p.m....90 cals
mini fiber one bar

6:00 p.m....340 cals
1 slice cheese pizza
half cup corn
mini fiber one bar

11:45 p.m.....755 cals
1 cup veggie soup
1 slice bread
nature valley granola bar
strawberry smoothie

water=80 oz
ex= 1 hour


  1. Yes, that IS great! To go to events, and be surrounded by others eating yummy stuff, and say "no" is a big deal. Good job!