Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday and Friday

I said I would post what I consumed on Thursday but I've changed my mind. It's just too much work and my heart isn't into doing that today for some reason. It is sufficient to say "I ate just fine until really late and then I went over my calories with a cup of ice cream and 3 granola bars. I was lazy and didn't exercise. I drank water, but probably not enough."

Now, today is Friday. I didn't journal today. I was/am in such a funk! Weird. I just needed a day "off" and I'm okay with that. Thank you for the nice comments. I really appreciate the lady who said maybe my allergies had something to do with it and that it was okay. I really needed to hear that. THANK YOU!

Tonight I was invited to a preacher and preacher's wife dinner. Which is odd, because my husband is not a preacher. We do a LOT at the church, have a lot of titles and hold a lot of offices, but preacher isn't one of them. So, we were honored to be invited. Strangely, I wasn't nervous at all or the least bit intimidated. It was good. Funny, someone asked me "Is your husband a preacher?" and I said "no" but later I thought of the funniest thing to say... I said "I'm married to a BM (which usually stands for bowel movement, ya know). I went on to explain that BM stood for Board Member. And since I am his Wife, that makes me a BMW! (and I even said it while we were sitting at the table eating...probably not the best time to say it..but it was hillarious and went over well) A young girl in her 20's went on to say that her husband was a pit...yes, a P.I.T.....Preacher In Training.
It was a good night.


  1. You are super cute!!!

    Signed, a fan

  2. Your walk sounds great. I think the thing with the shoes is more to do with my knee's that dont want to walk rather than anything else - I think what I learnt was that you need some cushioning underfoot - however you get it, just be careful what you walk in I guess.

    My suggestion? Write a line under the funk...determine that you will change what you are getting today. Write a plan however boring, laborious, depressing it is, eat what you plan. It takes just one day to restore your dignity and then you will be off and running (metaphorically speaking lol) again. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog - appreciated that.


  3. Love your photo!!!

    I am laughing out loud...BM. lol I wish I could use that one, but DH isn't a BM of anything, he's just an EE--electrical engineer. Does that make me an EEW? lol

    Love that you're a BMW--you are indeed a top of the line person. =)

    Sorry I haven't been visiting your blog much. You're in funk, I'm in a funk...those nasty funks! We'll get through them, though.