Thursday, April 8, 2010

talking to myself

@Supper last night= "Well, that lasagna was really good. I want some more. I can eat more and still be in calorie limit. And look, hubby still has half a serving on his plate. I can eat that! No harm!"

"NO. Just no. You planned what you would eat and you ate what you planned. You don't need anything else. You've had enough. So, no. Just no. Now get up and wash the dishes" Then I threw leftover lasagna in the trash.

20 minutes later, while washing dishes "I am so glad I didn't eat that lasagna. I wasn't hungry. As a matter of fact, I'm rather uncomfortably full" burp

9 a.m....600 cals
kashi cereal with granola, banana and 1% milk

11:30 a.m.....455 cals
strawberry smoothie

1:30 p.m....200 cals
12 almonds
stick cheese

3:30 p.m....281 cals
1 can tuna
1 T light miracle whip
2 slices bread

5:30 p.m......950 cals
1.5 servgings lasagna (yum!)
2 garlic rolls
1 and 1/3 cups corn
sugar free pudding cup
kashi almond bar

cals= 2,486 (well within range)
sodium= 3,068 (better than yesterday, but still too much)
water= approx. 60 oz
exercise= short challenge on wii biggest loser game and then mowed the yard


  1. Kudos to the healthy self-talk! My favorite line is:
    "You planned what you would eat and you ate what you planned."

    I gotta remember that one. :-)

  2. That's a great non scale victory :)