Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday cake + weigh in = not good.

This picture was taken a year ago, at TOPS State Recogniton Days, with the outgoing chapter queen. I am REALLY looking forward to attending SRD again this year, which is April 30th and May 1st in Tulsa (4 hours from my house). My hubby and kids go with me, but they just lay around in the hotel room and watch tv and eat and "vacation" while I am downstairs doing my TOPS stuff. It is a lot of fun. My TOPS chapter is giving me $100 to go toward the expenses. That was so nice.

Last night showed a 1.25 pound gain on the TOPS scales, due to my birthday and the unhealthy day that followed it. *sigh* It could have been worse. And it is NOT going to stay.

My computer is acting crazy. I had to restart it SEVERAL times before it would connect to the internet. So, if I come up missing, it means my computer died, and in that case, I will post from the library about once per week. I hope that doesn't happen though.

Tuesday 4/13/10

8:30 a.m.....801 cals
1.5 pb&j sandwiches
12 almonds
1c. 1% milk

11:00 a.m....200 cals
stick cheese
12 almonds

1:00 p.m....400 cals
small McDonalds' hamburger
vanilla cone

3:00 p.m....410 cals
1 cup hamburger helper (cheesy baked potato)
2/3 cup corn

6:30 p.m...490 cals
2 kashi cookies
1 mini fiber one bar
1 regular fiber one bar

8:30 p.m...700 cals
1 cup kashi cereal
half a banana
2/3 c. bran flakes
2 cups 1% milk
1 kashi cookie

calories=3,001 (within range)
sodium=3,492 (still too high)
exercise= walked one mile (24 minutes)

I weighed 305.25 at TOPS this week. My calorie range is 2,100-3,163.


  1. Birthday cakes always stick around for me too!

  2. Kevin picked 5 layer bars for his Birthday this year, worse than cake lol. Hope you have a great time at SRD this year. I didn't get a shash with my crown hmmmmm. Maybe J will have one for me by IRD this year. Maybe one of these years IRD will be down your way and we can meet up. I'm kind of dreading weigh-in tonight too. Maintenance is no easier than losing I'll tell ya. How's the steps going?

  3. That TOPS annual meeting sounds fun! Birthday cake---Mmmmm...with milk?? Love it!

    Put this little teeny weeny gain out of your mind---and move toward where you know you're headed!

    I hope your computer is ok!!!