Thursday, April 15, 2010

allergies, challenge update, and Wednesday

Son and I had allergy issues like crazy yesterday! I sure hope it rains today and calms things down. I took a benadryl and felt sooooooooooo slleeeeeeeeeeeepy all day long. blah. I am DETERMINED that I will stay on schedule today and be productive. Yesterday I didn't really "do" hardly anything. I was just here.

Daughter woke up this morning vomiting and she still is. And running fever. Always something! So today I am perfecting the art of vomit catching and doing a lot of laudry. At least I'm glad I am able to stay home with her.

Challenge update:
1. exercise 6 days per week= exercised 3 days. Not very good. I was in the birthday/sugar/lazy rut. Sadly, I still feel quite lazy. But I am trying to get over it!

2. no soda= I had soda on my birthday and the day after..but those were the only two days of the challenge that I broke the rules.

3. something good about myself= I want to be a good wife. Some people just don't care if they are or not..but I do care. I am NOT the wife I want to be (yet) but I am working on it.

Hubby wore a pedometer after he realized that I was wearing one. He seems to think I do nothing all day except sit in front of the computer. Well, comparing steps, I moved around a LOT more than him. hehehehe I had to laugh. I guess that busts his theory. Still, I knew his pride was injured, so I said "Maybe it wasn't picking up right on you. Or maybe it picks up TOO much on me because I jiggle more when I walk." ;)

9:00....680 cals
1.5 cups bran flakes
half a banana
1.5 c. 1% milk

1:00 p.m....670 cals
1 c. hamburger helper (cheeseburger mac)
2/3 cup corn
2 kashi cookies

3:10....140 cals
fiber one bar

3:45 p.m.....280 cals
2 scrambled eggs
1 slice cheese
1 toast

6:00 p.m....500 cals
kashi almond bar
stick cheese
2 kashi cookies

10:40 p.m.....420 cals
bacon and cheese sandwich
fiber one bar

11:30 p.m....260 cals
1 cup ice cream

2,950 cals (within range)
3,751 sodium (still too high)
64 oz water
ex= -0- (I could give an excuse..but I'm so tired of making excuses.)


  1. Hope your allergies are better soon!!
    :) on the pedometer

  2. Cute pedometer story. :-D