Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday. Best day in a while.

Busy, busy, busy, busy too busy.

11:00 "breakfast" 370 cals
1 stick cheese
1 south beach bar
24 almonds

1:30 lunch 400 cals
McDonald's cone
McDonald's small burger

3:00 snack 369 cals
12 almonds
1 pc. choc candy
half pb & j

4:50 snack 250 cals
king size nature valley bar

6:30 supper 690 cals
1 c. chili

11:45 junk 180 cals
sugar cookie from mom's house

WATER= 74 oz :)
EX= -0-

My weight tonight at TOPS was 306.5, which is only down ONE pounds from 7 months ago when I last posted my weight on this blog. How aggravated I am at myself for all the yo-yoing I've done these past 7 months.

Calorie range this week should be 2,100-3,178.

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  1. Amy, I dropped Weight Watchers a long time ago and switched to Calorie King. I bought the software download. The reason I love it **so** much is because it shows me in pie graph form my breakdown of carbs/fat/protein.

    I used to be very carb heavy, too. Calorie King has really helped me change things around. I had a period of time my losses were super slow--painful! Despite being on program, within calories and working out. When I started tracking the carbs/fat and protein, upping my fat intake to 30% and upping the protein, the weight started coming off again!

    Just thought I'd share that with you. The only thing about this is I find carbs more filling that protein, but I'm learning to adjust.