Friday, March 26, 2010

I sputtered but I didn't crash.

7:30 a.m..... 490 cals

.75 c. bran flakes

.25 c. granola

1 c. 2% milk

half a banana

12 almonds

10:20 a.m.....394 cals

1/3 c. baked beans

2/3 c. corn

12 almonds

1 stick cheese


Cooked chocolate covered pb crackers and brownies for my new neighbors and my nieces who are in the hospital. I didn't actually sit down and eat any.......but........I ate while I cooked. 1,000 is probably a bit high of an estimate, but I don't know, maybe not. SHAME.

4:00....300 cals

24 almonds

1 stick cheese

5:00 p.m......200 cals

1 glazed donut. Just when I was feeling stupid for eating the sweets, hubby came home with a box of leftover donuts from work. What was he thinking? My willpower is puney when it comes to sweets. I need to remove it ALL from the house and forbid any from entering.

Someone left a comment asking where my fruits and veggies were yesterday. I know I didn't eat many veggies, but I did have some. I had corn and baked beans and the veggies from my burger. I know that is not awesome, but I am not there yet. I am trying!

I think I will have a big salad for supper tonight.

I plan to spend some time googling "natural anti-depressants". If I don't come up with something by the middle of next month, I may go back on the anti-depressant. Although I'd rather not. But I need to get out of this rut.

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