Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boring post. (sorry). It's just what I ate today.

7:30 a.m.....360 cals
3/4 c. bran flakes
1/2 c. granola
1.5 c. 1% milk

9:40 a.m......200 cals
stick cheese
1 T. peanut butter

12:10 p.m.....140 cals
fiber one bar

1:30 p.m...1,550 cals
half cup roast
1 potato
handful carrots
2 T margarine
2 rolls
1 oz cheddar cheese
2 nature vally bars
1 fiber on bar

5:00 p.m.....330 cals
half pb & j sandwich
1 c. hot cocoa

9:50 p.m.....510 cals
1.5 c. bran flakes
.5 c. granola
1.5 c. 1%milk
half a banana

cals= 3,090 (this is within range)
water= 44 oz.
ex=-0- (that's okay....I rest on Sundays)
no soda consumed today.

Something good about myself: I have good hair. (yes, I know that sounds superficial, but it is late, I am about to hop in bed,'s true....I do have good hair. *wink*)


  1. I wish I had good hair! I used to when I was young. I think that's a wonderful positive to focus on. You also have beautiful eyes, from looking at your pic down below.

    I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I absolutely ***love*** bran flakes. I eat them every day. Life is not complete without bran flakes. lol

    It's very important to have a rest day from exercise, and Sunday is the perfect day to do it. I tend to rest on Tues or Thurs because of our schedule, though. lol

  2. Oh...and you look cute in your glasses. That pic you posted a couple of days ago is TOO CUTE!

    I'd kill for good hair!