Friday, March 26, 2010

spring challenge? and sugar is my best enemy

Someone posted that they were doing a spring challenge. 13 weeks. Until Summer. I'm trying to decide if I want to do it or not. I know my biggest hangup-----sweets. If I do the challenge, I will challenge myself to have NO DESSERTS until Summer. But if I do that, am I just setting myself up for a fall? I have so very little resistance to sweets. I have tried just cutting back on them..but is almost all or nothing with me, it seems. Anyway, I am thinking about it. Haven't committed to anything yet.

Supper was a salad, rice a roni, corn and green beans. Should have stopped there. But then I had 2 more chocolate covered crackers and half a brownie. I went over my calorie limit by 118 cals. At least I am honest about it. I could just lie. But I didn't.


My potential reward is worth SO MUCH more than sugar! Why do I let it hold me so?
Anyway.......I'm going to pray about it and may announce it either way tomorrow. I'm going to bed now. And I am going to wake up a little better than I did today, by faith. zzz goodnight and thanks for reading.
until tomorrow,
I'm that TOPS lady

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  1. Ya know, I have had sooo many years of trying and failing, over and over... It is so demoralizing. 13 weeks is a long challenge. Nowadays I never pick a goal for a challenge unless I am sure I am ready for it. That takes self-honesty, but unless I am honest with myself, I set-myself up for failure.

    So instead, I choose goals that I feel good about, feel are doable, and sustainable. For instance, if my main downfall was, say, bread, and there was a lot of bread in my house because others ate it, and I had no successful history of NOT eating it... then I would be cautious trying to commit to an unrealistic goal of not eating bread. You can't eat what's not there. But, if it IS there, then you are constantly tempted... and "will power" is a short-lived thing. You can only white-knuckle it for so long.

    It is much safer and successful to clean up our "environment", so that WHEN those times of stress/emotion that push us to eat our chosen comfort food hit, there is not that easy access to our favorite "drug". And if we can stick it out, ride out the storm, it usually passes in a little while.

    Anyway, sorry to be so longwinded... if you do this challenge, you will have fun if you pick a small goal, one you feel good about, and that will build a new history of success for you, and give you confidence. And then you up the stakes for next time.

    Just my 2 cents. :-)

    PS: I haven't eaten sugar or flour since March of 2009, but I get my sweet tooth satisfied with other sweeteners... stevia, xylitol, splenda... So, if it the taste of sweet, there are ways around that. If it is the physical addiction to the actual sugar... well, yeah, that took a couple of weeks to get out of my system. It really was like withdrawal from a drug! But after that, it got dramatically easier, and the cravings diminished, becoming manageable.