Thursday, March 25, 2010

PLEASE GIVE ADVICE! : blah, bad choices and restart

I am feeling VERY tired and I don't know why. My to-do list hasn't gotten completed in weeks. The house is a disaster. Messy house adds to my blah and tired feeling. I just don't seem to have enough time. So I think "Get up early and get more done" but how can I do that?....I am so tired already that I am being a bad wife. I crash in bed like a dead woman and DARE my hubby to snuggle..... Don't touch me. I'm tired. Blah.

How do I break this???

So I've had a busy morning taking the kids to their various activities, buying groceries, paying bills. I told myself I could sit at the computer and read blogs and snack for one hour. The snack thing shouldn't have happened!!!!! When I am so tired, I feel deprived and like I deserve a just ate brownies and ice cream and I feel like an idiot for trying so hard and then doing something like that. I am journalling it though and I will count it on today's cals. so, you will see it when I post my journal (either tonight or in the morning).

I stumbled upon a new blog today and I look forward to reading her archives when I have the time. (time???? where are you????) Her blog had a RESTART date. I have been blogging a year now. I am only 13 pounds lighter. (hey....but I'll take it!) I almost want to call this "week one" and declare a restart. I guess I am looking for permission to do that. LOL, I need help. HOW do I get back on track????? I want to be a good wife and mother and I want to have a clean house and to have energy. PLEASE comment me. It helps so much to know that someone is reading.
P.S. The above pic was taken 5 minutes ago. Notice the unmade bed in the background. blah.

THANK YOU in advance!!!!!!!!!!

:) that TOPS lady


  1. I know that feeling. It seems daunting when you look at the whole picture but pic something to work on today and then add something tomorrow and so on.

    Are you suffering from depression? I know that is how I feel when I am having a bout of it.

    Hope things get better for you soon.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I'm glad you found me, too. People like you are EXACTLY the reason I shared my program, what is working for me. I sure don't have all the answers, and am learning along the way. But some things are common for all of us.

    That you are a member of TOPS caught my eye immediately. I was looking around for a local support system right before I started my blog, and almost joined TOPS. I really liked how they were set up, their philosophy, etc. But as it turned out, the bloggy world was so great and supportive, I didn't end up joining after all.

    I would love it if you found something in my archives that helped you. You will find I do NOT write alot about food... I don't journal my food online, though I do jot it down and count the calories at home.

    That's because it's not really about the food. Most of us KNOW how to "diet", how to exercise, etc. What we need to do it change what goes on inside our heads!

    I can TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY TRULY REALLY relate to your frustration about the To-Do list that never gets finished!!!

    I have quite a few posts where I mention my need to learn Time Management! And yep, it's hard to get up earlier when you are dead tired already. Lower carbs helps with the rebound tiredness, by the way, during the day.

    I'm glad to meet you, and look forward to getting to know you!
    PS: feel free to email me anytime... you are the very first person to ever say they were going to go back and read my archives... I am surprised and flattered! I sure hope it helps.