Monday, March 29, 2010

Morning posting,highs and lows, and bananas.

After this post, I think I am going to start posting in the mornings instead of the evenings. I really *LOVE* to stay up all hours of the night on the internet. But really, that doesn't show much respect to my husband. I think the best time for me to blog is in the mornings after hubby goes to work and before the kids wake. Yes. So, you will see today's food intake tomorrow. :) I've been good.

The "no soda" part of my spring challenge has been a breeze thus far. Well, it has been less than a week, so I shouldn't toot my horn too loudly, but so far, so good.

Something I like about myself: I am DETERMINED that my children will get a good education. I have homeschooled them from the beginning and I really do put a lot of effort into it.

Highs and lows: You know the other day I was talking about how depressed I was? Well, today I am totally NOT. I am weird that way. I get really down and in such a rut........and then I just wake up one morning totally okay. That's not to say that it won't come back. This has happened many, many times in the past few years. Highs and lows, over and over. I am just thankful to be on the high again. At church last night I did have my pastor anoint me with oil and pray over me. He asked if it was for something in particular and I said "It is unspoken". But God knew what it was. And I'm glad. yay!
Our TOPS leader is ***(name removed). She has lost almost 100 pounds and is now a skinny little thing. Although she is not a certified nutritionist, she had really studied up and she knows what she is talking about. Several months ago, *** looked over my food journal and said "Where are your fruits?", to which I replied that the only fruit I like was apples. She said "Well, you will LEARN to like them" and she gave me a recipe for a strawberry smoothie. I forced it down. over and over. Guess what? I like them now. I also started eating half a banana with my cereal. I hated the texture and had to cut it into bites and hide it in the cereal so I wouldn't "taste" it so much. I have been doing that probably 2 months now. Last night I was wanting to have bran flakes for my snack after church but I was out of bananas and I WANTED a banana with it.........actually craved it!!!! So I asked hubby to run by the store for a banana :)
Feeling victorious today! I hope you are too!
'til tomorrow morning,
I'm that TOPS lady


  1. Just started following your blog. I am interested in TOPS... another Blog friend of mine has had a lot of success with it. I found a meeting that is about 45 minutes away from me that I may just have to check out!