Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Challenge and Starting Over.

Weird pic, I know. I have a habit of taking random pics of myself. I also smile at myself in the bathroom mirror, which my sister always thought was crazy. I looked at this pic and thought "that's so weird I have to post it". LOL

Ok...... so I *am* going to do the spring challenge. An awesome blogger, Loretta came up with it. You can read about it here: Yay! But I am NOT going to X out all desserts during the challenge like I was planning. Wise council said I'm not ready for that.
My spring challenge goals:
1. At least 30 minutes of exercise EVERY day except Sunday. No excuses.
2. No soda at all.
3. Write something postitive about myself everyday.
I have given myself "permission" to call this Week One of my journey...even though I have been working on getting healthy for over a year. I just need a fresh start. A spring cleaning for myself. :) And so.........................this is week one of my restart. I will post my weight losses on Tuesdays because that is when I have TOPS meetings......and my new week will start each Wednesday.
aaaaahhhhhh.........spring is in the air. A time of new life, new beginnings and hope.
This is going to be a great spring!
that TOPS lady
P.S. My sister is starting a diet on April 2nd and I am SO looking forward to getting fit together!


  1. Oh, I love the idea of Spring cleaning!

    I like that you are telling yourself the same thing I have had to... no excuses! I goofed up my time management yesterday, and ended up doing my daily exercise at... um... well... midnite!! Yep, no excuses. :-)

    You have some great, attainable goals, so welcome to the challenge!

  2. I think a spring cleaning is an excellent idea. I need to clean up my attitude a bit--it's not been good this week. (I've gained and I know why.)

    I don't do challenges, but look forward to following your progress on this!