Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beginning week 2 of restart

Last night I finished week 1 of my restart with a 4.25 pound loss. I weighed 305. I am SO looking forward to being under 300! Within the next 2 weeks, for sure! yay!

Spring challenge
1. I had no soda
2. I exercised. I walked 2 miles :)
3. Something good: I volunteer. Sometimes too much! Truthfully, I had what I consider a near nervous breakdown last November and I decided then that I was just doing too much volunteering. So I started saying no (some). I quit being the leader at TOPS. I quit singing at church (because I do NOT enjoy it....just felt obligated). I told the pastor NO that I would NOT be Sunday School Superintendent. I told a friend from church that NO I would not be willing to get together once a week and work on public speaking skills. But I still DO volunteer a lot. I teach Sunday School for one thing and a lot of other little things at church. And I still help a lot at TOPS. So I guess today's "good thing" is two-fold----- I volunteer AND I've learned to say no. :)

Tuesday's recap:
9:30 a.m.....570 cals
1.5 c. bran flakes
.5 c. granola
1.5 c. 1% milk

11:20 a.m....220 cals
half a pb&j sandwich

1:40 p.m.....850 cals
2 bacon,egg and cheese sandwiches
half a pb & j

4:15 p.m.....180 cals
2 special K bars

6:15 p.m.....420 cals
3 chex bars

8:15 p.m.....1,083 cals
1.5 c. spaghetti
1 c. corn
strawberry smoothie

cals=3,323 (over by 112 because I came home last night and ate without figuring up how many calories I had left... not wise! oops.)
water=84 ounces. (Did you hear that? wow!It's a wonder I didn't wet the bed. LOL)

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful week, I am glad for you!

    I like what you said about learning say NO when it is right for you. That is so healthy.

    And thank you so much for your supportive and kind comments on my blog... it's been hard lately, and I truly appreciate it. :-)