Monday, October 6, 2014

Spirit of Survival 5K

Here's yesterday (Sunday's) accountability post. By the time I FINALLY got home, I soaked my sore body in the tub (while eating green beans LOL) and went to bed!

The Spirit of Survival 5K benefits the cancer center where my dad had treatment. There was also a quarter marathon and half marathon going on at the same time. There were almost 4,000 people in attendance. The 5K had almost 900 finishers. I was faster than 189 of them. I'm not fast (yet)! But I wasn't last! This was my 4th 5K to participate in. I was lighter for my 1st two 5K's and finished faster than yesterday's. So, I didn't PR, but I DID beat my 5K time (by 45 seconds) from my 5K in June. So, as long as I'm improving, I'm pleased with that.

They gave out beautiful finisher metals, and I'm proud of mine. I showed it to many people (anyone who half way looked at me LOL) and wore it to Wal-mart too LOL I showed it to people at church, some of which "didn't get it" about how I could validate missing 45 minutes of Sunday School to go to a sporting event. I guess it seemed sacrilegious to them. It was pretty hurtful. But I didn't let it get to me too bad, because I know I did what was right for me AND I had awesome support from my family and lots of friends.

I am sore today!

Exercise 3.54 miles (I counted walking to and from the car at the 5k too lol)

18,815 steps during the day------that's a lot!

Water 64 oz ( and 2 things of gatorade)

fruits and veggies: 8 svg


  1. You are a star!! Love the picture!! You look so happy! I talked about you all day to my husband. Were your ears burning? So proud of you and your accomplishment!

  2. You have more patience than I do. I would have had to say something mean back to anyone who thinks an hour of Sunday school (it's not even church! It's extra!) is more important than actually helping people.

    Don't listen to them. Congratulations on improving your time in the race and doing what is important to you!

  3. Great Job TTL! I love how you "owned" your accomplishment. So many people are quick to beat themselves up when they fail, but hesitant to recognize their accomplishments.