Thursday, October 16, 2014

No sleep study/ iced coffee

I was scheduled to be at my sleep study tonight. But they called me today and said they are still waiting on insurance to pre-approve the test, so I'm rescheduled for November 5th. Eeerrr.. Oh well.

I felt really well today. As a matter of fact, while walking this evening with hubby, daughter, and baby, I felt so energetic I told them I was going to run ahead and come back to them...and I did. It may have had something to do with iced coffee. LOL But energy is good!

Speaking of iced coffee.......I LOVE the McDonald's mocha frappe. But wow...that is a TON of calories and is a junky sugar filled food. I recently discovered that you can buy iced coffee in a carton at the grocery store though. It is cheaper (buy one carton with 8 servings for just barely over what you could buy one frappe at McD's). AND a one cup serving has 130 calories (at least the brand I got did). I put a cup of it in the blender with ice cubes and YUM. still has lots of sugar and caffeine, but there is something to be said for satiety----how well something satisfies your cravings and hits the spot.

I have found that if I allow myself something I really enjoy, even if it is junky, if I have it in reasonable amounts, I usually end up not going over my calories so much. I feel like I've treated myself and that I don't have to consume massive amounts. This is how the iced coffee works for me and even one day when I had a Dairy Queen ice cream. Weird how that works, isn't it?

However, there are some food that this does NOT work with for me. Little Debbies, cakes, donuts, candy bars. Nope. All of those foods make me crave more, more, more and never reach that "satisfied" feeling, so..........yeah.........I'll stick with the iced coffee.

One more thing: It is good to feel good for a change. I have mourned my father's death greatly....and I still do....but I have moments of time out of my day now where I can actually feel good and feel happy. I missed it. I'm glad it is coming back.

Thursday Oct. 16th:

Walked/jogged/walked 1.12 mile

2.5 svg fruits and veggies

Lost track of water, but did well

291 calories UNDER limit


  1. I'm sorry to hear that the study is postponed. My husband has sleep apnea, and I can't tell you how much better he sleeps now that he has his machine.

    Those studies can be expensive without insurance, though. My husband's was covered fully by ours, but when my son was a minor he had to have one, too. Since he was a minor, the local sleep clinic wouldn't take him, and he had to go to a pediatric hospital for his. They tested him for apnea and narcolepsy, and eventually just told us to give him over the counter melatonin. It worked, but we were out $1,000 for the tests!

  2. Connie is right... these studies are expensive, so it's worth it to wait for the insurance company to come through for you. I work in a sleep lab and we won't study anybody until we know they are covered because without that confirmation we would be stuck paying for it ourselves!

    Just a reminder, patients need to get referrals for sleep studies. I recently read somewhere a list of sleep medicine doctors at a blog; it's misleading because patients can't just call them and sign on. They need to see their PCP or get a referral through a specialist like a dentist or an allergist or pulmonologist etc.

    Also, you may find that you need more than one study over time. We recently had this question at our blog: I'm posting the link because it helps for people to understand that sleep processes are dynamic and can change with changes in your body mass index and general health status. It may very well be that you will need a study every few years if you have a lot of changes in your health over time. But insurance should cover all of these (to the extent that they reimburse, which varies between payers) if they are meant to diagnose or confirm treatments.