Saturday, October 18, 2014

Birthday junk food

Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday, but we celebrated it tonight. PIZZA. FUDGE CAKE. ICE CREAM. *sigh* I am sitting here wanting to eat and eat and eat but I will NOT be eating one more bite of anything tonight! Just knowing we were going to have a junky-food evening made me want to eat all day.

Actually, if I wasn't doing the 100 days of accountability and reporting to you each day, THIS would have been the day that I would not have journaled my food. I would have said "Eh. I'm taking the day off." And then I would have binged. I did go over by 400 calories today, but it could have been SOoooooooooo much worse.

I know it is crazy to KEEP going over on my calories, day after day after day. I admit, I am struggling with that. But I'm making progress, not perfection. And I'm slowly losing, so I'm going to pat myself on the back and know that I am daily getting closer to the behavior I want to have.

What I did right:

*When picking out his cake, I got a small one, that would allow for only two slices for each member of the family...then after we ate, I sent my 2nd piece to my mother.

*I ordered thin crust chicken supreme pizza, which, if you are going to have pizza, is probably your healthiest option.

In recap:

Exercise: 1 mile

Water: approx 75 oz

Calories: Over by 400

Fruits and veggies: 3.5 servings

P.S. Who came up with the crazy idea that we should eat a munch of junk because it someone's birthday anyway? I wish I never learned this "tradition". I wish there was a tradition of "on our birthday, all your friends come over and you walk for an hour together!" or "It's bad luck to eat sugar on your birthday" haha.. that would be something.


  1. We eat junk on our birthdays too! The birthday person gets to choose the entire menu for the day, from special breakfast to dinner and dessert.

    And I totally agree with what you said about knowing junk food is coming up making you want it now. Some people say "I don't have to eat the chocolate now because I know I'm allowed to have some tomorrow". Nope. Is there chocolate somewhere in the house or on the horizon? Then I need to eat chocolate now!

  2. How about having all your friends coming over for your birthday and then you have to weigh-in in front of them?

  3. The last few years, I've tried to have one "special" thing to eat for my birthday instead of an all day smorgasbord. So instead of pizza, cake, ice cream, chips, dip, etc. I just decide on one thing that I really, really want. In my case, that's usually a slice of lemon icebox pie. I don't like cake, so that's what I have instead. Then I make sure the rest of the pie goes away somewhere. I can't keep that in the house, LOL.