Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mums the word

Homecoming mums are a southern (mostly Oklahoma and Texas) tradition. (google it if you don't know what I'm talking about) I enjoy making them--------and I enjoy getting paid for making them. LOL Today was full of lots of things but one of those things was making Homecoming mums and delivering them to their buyers. I enjoyed it.

I went over my calories by about 300 AGAIN. That seems to keep happening. I don't know if my body is just WANTING that amount of calories or if I allow myself to overeat and subconsciously limit myself there? Who knows. But I plan to work on it.

I saw runners everywhere today. Even a lady and her baby at the library babytime-----she was wearing shorts and a tank top that said "just run" or something like that. You won't ever see me in the short and tank top, but I DO plan to have that runner body one day and actually BE a runner. It is in me. Waaaaaaaaay down deep in me, under 95 pounds of fat. But it is there! That runner is alive! I know her! She's just a bit hindered at the moment. She gets a little more free each day. Woot!

Day 4 of 100 days of accountability:

Exercise: 2.28 miles (woot!)

10,807 steps walked today

2.5 svg fruits and veggies

88 ounces of water

311 calories over

P.S. It bothers me that my font is so small. Anyone want to lead me in how to make it larger?

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  1. Good job on the exercise! Have you tried adding 300 calories to your budget and seeing if that still works for weight loss? If it does, I'd just keep the extra calories. If you are still going over, I'd look at when and under what circumstances you go over most often.

    As far as your font, do you have a font size button when you write your blog? I think on Blogger it looks like "Tt." You should be able to increase your font size there.