Sunday, October 26, 2014

I fought the punch and the punch won

I did fine.
I had over 600 calories left.
And then I thought "I want to make homemade mac and cheese and eat that for the rest of my calories!"

And then I had a random thought: "'d like to one day be at your goal weight and be able to coach others with their health goals, right? Hum. How does this mac and cheese draw you closer to that goal?"

It didn't. And so, I satisfied my craving with a TINY few bites of mac and cheese, then packed an apple and peanut butter to eat before church or on the way home afterward.

Wouldn't you know it? (I didn't know it) The church was having a special event and was serving cake and ICED COFFEE PUNCH. Iced coffee!

So.............I ate my apple, my peanut butter, HALF a piece of cake, and about 3/4 cup of the punch (which I sure was full of unhealthy calories).

So.............another day of fighting with myself.

And I still want to eat a whole pan of mac and cheese, but I'm not. I'm going to bed.

Sunday 10/26

Calories: Over by estimated 500.

Fruits and veggies--- one measly serving.

Exercise: nope

Water: approx 60 ounces

P.S. Tomorrow is TOPS weigh in.


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  1. How did TOPS go tonight? I hope ok. As for wanting a pan of mac and cheese. I still make it and still have some, I just make it healthier, well more like less calories since I wouldn't call fat free cheese all that healthy lol. You'll get where you want to go and you'll be honest in the fact that you aren't perfect as non of us are and it is about progress not perfection right? :) keep positive :)