Saturday, October 4, 2014

I'm back!

I drove to Lawton (and hour away) tonight to pick up my packet for Sunday morning's 5K I LOVE MY SHIRT!!! I went to the bathroom of the hotel that was hosting packet pick up and put it on. They were already blocking off areas of the 5K route so they could set up tents and stuff (I'm not sure what for... maybe vendors?). There were several people walking the blocked off areas, so I decided to also! Whew---that route has a lot of hills! But I got it done! So....I know I can do it. packet pick up I asked how many people were signed up for the race---and was told it was nearly 4,000 so far. Wow. This is huge for me.

Did I mention that this 5K is for the Cancer Center where dad had treatments? I have a lot of emotions tied up in the race.

I stopped by the Dollar Store for diapers and also used the bathroom there. I saw my reflection in the mirror--- this was right after I had walked 3 miles, AND I was wearing the figure flattering 5K shirt---and I liked what I saw. I smiled. I felt thinner and felt like I even looked thinner. Instantly, I spoke aloud, "I'm back! Thank you Jesus for weight loss" See....I feel like there is a real me who is hidden under a lot of fat and my image doesn't reflect who I really am. When I had lost 80 pounds (2012), I could look in the mirror and start to see glimpses of the real me...and I liked it. However, during pregnancy and the remaining 27 pounds that remained afterwards, I couldn't see it anymore. That's what I meant by "I'm back". I saw a glimmer of "me". :) woo hoo!

Today was a good day........and I feel good.

Day 5 of 100 days of accountability:

Exercise: 3.1 miles (Oh yeah baby)

15,284 steps walked today (that's a lot of steps for me!)

2.5 servings fruits/ veggies

64 ounces of water

154 calories over


  1. How exciting. Good luck in the race! Have fun.

  2. I bet you look great in your shirt :) Can't wait to hear about the race! :)